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Why do I get this message after switching on and how to solve it?

If I click on that message, I only get a list of new problems!!


  • Try reinstalling the extension to resolve this.

  • Hi

    I did it!

    Each extension gave me either an hourglass or no light so I went into options in each one and reassigned a Google account!

    Why did this happen when it was working fine all the time?

    It seems that Google has a problem with a security because it has been asking me for months to check the passwords I use and there are so many of them that I refuse the suggestion every time!


    Drasko, Croatia

  • You probably accidentally revoked access to the extension. Note that my extension does not actually use passwords, more info https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Granting_access

  • Hi

    Or did Chrome do it because 3 days ago he was updated (28.2. 2023).

    I didn't touch anything in options for these two extensions!

    In any case, I thank!

    Greetings from Drasko!

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