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Added new account, this happened!

I've been using your app for a long while now, and I've been very satisfied. Today I tried to enter in a new email as I'm phasing out one due to it drowning in spam, but I'll do it gradually as I need to notify my contacts about the change first. This is when things went awry. My existing logins disappeared, and I had to enter the new email logins manually. First (newest) went fine, then I tried to add the one I'm phasing out, and finally my recovery email. As you can see from the screenshots there's four copies in the lists of the old and the recovery e-mails, and while the numbers shown, besides 0, is correct, it multiplied all by four on either account, leaving me at 48 emails (Google verification etc), when it was barely twelve in total. I've tried to uncheck some of the boxes, thinking it would remove the redundancy, but instead it lost the token. Do you have any solution for me to fix this, and get back to how it was, with the addition of the new email address? Sincerely, James.


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