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interference with snoozetabs@mozilla.com


    edited February 6

    The pop-up reminder is loaded with the snoozed tab from firefox, covering it.

    The only solution is to close the pop-up, but so, the snoozing tab is getting lost.

  • Can you send me a screenshot for context?

    edited February 7

    on the top of pop-up reminder overlaps a tab (a web page) which opens with snoozetabs@mozilla.com, so the pop-up reminder is eclipsed.

    The only solution is to close the pop-up (X), but so, the snoozing tab is getting lost, even if the reminders reappear in 5'.

  • I'm not sure what the solution is, you can try contacting the snoozedtabs developer to position it or find another similar extension.

  • It is random. Let's say 1/20 ratio that the page goes on pop-up reminder. Usually it works well.

    I think when the tab appears simmultanous with the pop-up reminder it overlaps.

    So the problem is the Checker.

  • But the issue only occurs with snoozedtabs enabled?

    edited February 8

    Indeed, but you have to answer some questions:

    1. Why Checker is not distinguishing between an ordinary tab, which is happening to open in a normal way, from a pop-up reminder which is not a tab but rather an another window?

    2. Why is this happening only when they appear simultaneously, and not in other ordinary cases?

    3. Why this interference because Snoozetab is working also fine when Checker is not enabled?

    4 . Why should I disable Snoozetab, when both add-ons are equally powerful and nevertheless useful.

    5. How can you explain that Snoozetab interfere only with Checker and works fine with all other add-ons.

    6. Snoozetab is not developing any more and is top-rated by users, meanwhile Checker is currently developing under your direction, so why can not be improved as a matter of fact I am clearly signaling this bug.

  • The main reason is snoozedtabs has a small user base and so does Firefox and there is already a solution to this issue by disabling this particular extension. I don't have the resources to tackle every small extension that is no longer supported that might be interfering with Checker Plus. I have to concentrate my efforts on maintaining and improving my current suite of extensions.

  • It was a hardware problem. My hard disks was overloaded.

    I replaced the old one and now everything is working well.

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