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Popup reminders

Love your app!

When the popup comes up, this only happens when more than one.

I click off the top one, no matter how many, as long as more than one. The last one disappears, and I have to resize the popup in order to deal with the last one. Is there a setting I am missing?


  • I noticed you are using Chromium - could you test to see if this occurring on the regular Chrome.

  • It did not work that way on chrome. Only in the vivaldi browser, which is the one I use.

  • So the issue is isolated to Vivaldi? You would have to report it in there support, as I'm using standard calls that work across different browsers, but I can also see on my end if I could setup a patch for this.

  • Thanks, it also works correctly on MS edge browser. What should I tell the vivaldi folks?

  • That there window height resize logic behaves differently than on Chrome. Maybe add a screenshot and let them know which extension it's affecting and the steps to replicate it.

  • I have contacted Vivaldi with info I have.

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