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Checker plus extensions for mail and calendar move Chrome to the left of the screen!


Maybe no one told you, but both Checker plus extensions for mail and calendar move Chrome to the left of the screen!

It's not that scary, but you should look closely!



  • What extension actions did you take? Did you try just maximizing your Chrome window.

  • Anyway, which one!

    After the Windows 11 notification, if I click on it with the mouse, the described shift of Chrome takes place.

    Of course if I maximize Chrome everything will expand!

    But if I minimize Email and Chrome's calendar again, they are on the left again

  • So there is no logic in the extension to open the window with a particular size, essentially the only instruction is open a link in the browser. It's possible other extensions are interfering or a Chrome issue.

  • Not on the extension icon! But on the Windows 11 notification that most often appears after an email! If I click on that notification, Gmail in Chrome moves to the left as described.


  • and if you move the window to the right and then get a new notification and click on it does it move back to the left?

  • I don't know because either I get a notification for several emails, so when I click on the notification, I have that shift, but honestly speaking, I can't imagine that scenario of moving to the right and new notifications.

  • Actually no! Because I received several emails from you and each time I opened Gmail but NO MOVEMENT!

  • Hi

    Now, when I receive notifications from Windows during the day, I see that there is no shift to the left! Of course, I probably already moved Chrome and Gmail to the right a long time ago!


  • I looked into a Chrome settings. Because it seems to me that it is sensitive and constantly changes its position and size on the display!

    There is nothing to adjust!

  • After first notification of Windows 11

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