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Copying shared folders

I want to copy a shared folder to my external drive. I right-click on the shared folder but a download button doesn't exist.

Can this be done?

If not, can it be implemented?

If it cannot be implemented can you recommend a program that can?

Example: I purchase a large amount of graphics from a company that uses Google drive for downloading, let's say 50 Gigs of data. I want to download all of the data that is spread out in 50 different subdirectories. In Google Drive I can't right-click and download the entire directory as a zip file. Google Drive breaks the files into many zip files but by the time it gets to the 10th zip file the link has stopped working so the download is useless. I need a program to download the entire 50 gigs with one button that takes its time downloading (preferably has a download limit per Mbps as to not overwhelm my connection).

Any ideas?


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