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Clicking account name goes to wrong account

I have two emails in the checker. When I click the icon and get the summary pop-out, I've always been able to click the name of each account and open gmail with that account up. Now, when I click on the second account name, it appears to always open the first one.


  • Try signing out and back into your Gmail accounts.

  • Signed out of both accounts in gmail and Chrome, then tried to re-add them. First, logging into Chrome and then trying to add account from Chrome didn't work and gave me an error and a suggestion to try the other option. That option worked, but attempting to add the first account created two identical copies of it in the extension, and deleting either one deleted both.

    I closed and re-opened Chrome and repeated the whole process and it seems to have worked now.

    I've used Checker Plus for years without problems - weird that I'm running into so many bugs today.

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