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FEATURE REQUEST: Calendar callout in quick add


Longgggggtime user of your calendar extension. I think we've shared some words back when, but to reiterate the sentiment: Love what you're doing.

Had a thought to be able to call out the calendar when quick adding an event. As it stands, I pull up the extension (using hotkey), make my entry, i.e. "Alice feb 4th 1pm" then tab to calendar, hit enter, and then have to use my mouse to get the correct calendar. If I could use the arrow keys to get to the calendar I want, I probably wouldn't be writing this email, but it made me think:

Is there a way to @ the calendar it should go in (or another symbol)?

An @ with auto fill of the calendars would be ideal ,i.e., if I start to spell "personal" it would suggest it.

I'm not a web coder, don't know what's feasible/implementable, just wanted to add a thought that might be useful for others.




  • Great suggestion, however currently the "@" symbol is reserved for the location of the event. I wouldn't know what other symbol to use and this might not be intuitively discoverable by other users.

  • For some reason, the "/" seems right to me.

    If anything, is there a way to make the calendar tab operable by the arrow keys once one tab+enters into it?

  • Ok I can definitely trying making the arrow keys work in the dropdowns, i'll queue it for development, thanks again for the suggestion.

  • Good news I've enabled the arrow keys to navigate in the latest version 31.0.1

  • Hey Jason! I noticed that. Was looking for this thread.

    One issue I'm still facing though:

    I type "meeting tomorrow 2pm"

    I tab to the calendar dropdown, and select the calendar using the arrow keys.

    I hit enter.

    Now, if I hit enter again, nothing happens (the meeting info clears, nothing is added).

    If I hit tab again, same thing.

    So I'm still using the mouse to click on save. If we could jump from the dropdown to save, that would be great.

    Thanks as always for your generous attention to these feature requests.



  • oh you're right, thanks for the details, I just fixed it in my local version and it will go into the next release, thanks.

  • Done, i've fixed this in the latest v31.1

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