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Time of next event not showing on button

As you can see, for some reason the time of next even is not being shown in the button


  • edited January 19

    Does the next event have a notification set for it?

    Also I noticed you unchecked all the Show minutes/hours/days options, try rechecking some.

  • I am not sure about the notification set, because is my University Calendar Schedule that I Imported.

    A few days ago it was all working normally.

    The button would display the time the event would start. But I can not see it.

    Now I need to hover the mouse over it to get the window preview of the next day.

    Is quite hard with my ADHD to remember that, and the button time display function helped me a lot .

  • So generally if you import calendars there are no notifications set by default, so you would have to set them in google calendar for that specific calendar.

    Note, that there was an update to my extension recently to only show the countdown for events with notifications.

  • Yeah, I think that update is what made this error.

    is possible to add a toggle to show the countdown to any event?

  • edited January 22

    Yes it's a good suggestion, i'll queue it for development.

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