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Extension suggestion

Not sure if you are looking for new projects, but if you are, I'd like to suggest a templated response extension for Gmail

I've pretty much tried every one there is.. and without exception, they all suck.

Googles built-in Canned Response feature is next to useless

Other extensions are convulted or simply don't work well, and often require signing up for a website account then storing all your emails on some server with unknown security credentials.

I feel like templates could be stored locally (or perhaps as extension data which is synced via Google Chrome sync)

I think you could realistically charge a monthly subscription for such an extension, and if any developer could do a good job of it, Im sure you could.

Just tossing an idea out anyway. Not really expecting it to happen, but you never know :-)


  • Thanks for the suggestion, I'll take note of this and see if this interests others also. I also personally setup canned responses, but given the friction to use them, I've abandoned them.

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