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Text in the notification bubble is black instead of white in Microsoft Edge


In Google Chrome the text of the notification bubble is white by default for Checker+. So it is for any other extensions in both Chrome and Edge. However, the text is black in Edge and there is no way to change it. I tried changing the background of the bubble, but it didn't help.

Would be great if:

  1. The text will be white by default in Edge as well, or
  2. There will be an option for changing the color of the text in the notification bubble.

Thanks. :)


  • Great question, currently Chrome & Edge automatically contrast the badge text color depending on the badge background color. Note that I have developed a badge background color picker, so you could choose a darker red and you'll see the badge text automatically change to white for better contrast.

  • Thanks for such a quick reply, Jason!

    You're right, the badge text really adapts and turns white on the darker colors. Works perfectly for me, thanks. 🙏I was trying only the brighter ones 😅

    Although, I noticed that there's still a slight difference: the same shade of red (for example) turns the text white in Chrome but remains black in Edge.

  • Just curious in Edge if you choose a really dark color like, black for the background does it eventually auto contrast to white text? They might just have different thresholds?

  • Yes, it does. Even the following red color (the third from the bottom) turns the text to white.

    But for some reason this threshold is higher for every color in Edge: if for Chrome the fourth shade of red from the bottom is enough to auto contrast to white text, then for Edge it is not. Only the following - the third shade from the bottom will auto contrast to white text. 🤷

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