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FIREFOX 108.0.1: WAB not working


  • Can you also send me a screenshot of the actual ad in the page.

  • Hi Jason,

    Here is the screenshot you requested. The first screenshot is with just WAB. The second screenshot is with Ublock Origin installed. UB-O blocked the ad but left the right-side white space that previously diminished so that the email went all the way to the right. WAB is still working great in Chrome. Thank you!

  • I'm not seeing the issue with my yahoo, it could be related to your At&t yahoo version.

    Try disabling the other ad blockers and reinstall my wab extension then reload the yahoo page and let me know if that helps.

  • Hi Jason,

    That didn't help. I removed Ublock origin and WAB and then added back WAB. At first there was just the white space on the right side of the email, but shortly the ads started to once again appear. In settings in the yahoo mail, there is no setting to stop pictures from being automatically loaded as in Chrome. So, I guess it is Firefox that is the problem. WAB works perfectly in Edge and Chrome. Thank you.

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