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Blank email preview until I hit "display images"


With the option "Always display external images" disabled in settings

the preview of some emails dont show, it's just blank, not even the text portions of the mail.

Clicking the "Display images" popup fixes it and shows the whole email.

I don't know what kind of logs i should collect, here's a video of me reproducing the issue: https://k00.fr/7zc4btdj


  • Ok great video and thanks for all the debugging info :)

    Can you forward me that cloudfare email to my email - you can find my email in the Contact section at the top of my website.

  • Ok got the email and was able to reproduce the issue, I'll have to refactor how I strip out the images.

    Just curious how often does this issue occur for different senders?

  • It's very rare so I dont keep track of the impacted senders/mails.

    I will update this thread if when I'll encounter it with another sender.

    In the meantime I'll have to keep external images disabled until this feature request gets accepted hopefully 🤞.

  • Hi Jason,

    I've just received another email from a sender other than Cloudflare that has the same issue.

    It has been forwarded to your email address.


  • Good news v23.5 has a fix for this, use this to force the update: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

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