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v29.5.1 question

Hello, I think I am affected by this bug still:

latest v29.5.1: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/comment/32242#Comment_32242

I use Brave (which I think is not officially supported here but I wanted to ask) on a PC and a Mac. I sync the browser settings between the two machines including the extensions. On my PC, the Checker Plus for Gcal has an X on it. I re log in, and for a while, the extension works. Then the X reappears. Reading the threads here, I disabled all extensions except for Check Plus ones. That seems to do the trick, and so I am guessing one of the extensions on the PC is conflicting. Two questions.

1) Why the Mac browser is not affected with the same extensions?

2) The following is the list of potential conflicting extensions I can think of:

ClearURLs (I tried disabling just this, but that did not work).

Don't add custom search engines

Clear Downloads Plugin


Zoom Block


any suggestions which it may be?



  • All the clearing ones should be disabled, but for investigation I would disable all of them to see if that resolves it first.

    Note also that you are describing the x on the Gmail extension - this is not related to thread you indicated above.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a thread on the X issue here that I can read (not sure how to call the issue)? I have not searched the Gmail section because I only see it on the calendar extension.

    I spoke too early. The issue returned. So the problem may not be extension related. Thanks for your help.

  • Following up on this issue. I cleared Google cookies (https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Auto-detect_sign_in_issues) from the browser to see if that helps. It did temporarily, but the issue is back. I am not sure why the issue only affects the calendar extension but not Gmail one. Thanks.

  • Are all your other extensions still disabled?

  • Yes.

    More details: I did clear Google cookies that I could find. I did not delete the entire cookie or content for google.com. Perhaps that is the next step?

    Also, I already have cookies allowed for [*.]google.com in the browser (not specifically mail.google.com or calenar.google.com as I am thinking * would take care of both). This I saw in https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/4910/mail-icon-is-gray/


  • So my calendar extension does not use cookies, it uses chrome extension storage.

    You can send me the error logs and I can view the errors: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • Ok, I will work on that and get back to you. Thanks.

  • Hi Jason, I finally got to generate the log. I emailed it to you. Thanks.

  • Ok thanks so the calendar extension logs are showing that you are not authenticated any more, have you tried re-granting access? You can go into the extension Options .. Admin .. Accounts .. remove and re-add there.

  • Thanks. I first revoked Checker Plus Calendar's access to my Google account, re added my account in Checker Plus, regranted access to my Google account. I will let you know how this goes.

  • Hi Jason,

    A slight improvement. Checker Plus Calendar still logs me out, but I am not fully logged out. I am asked to pick the Google account I want to use (there is only one), and once I select it, I am logged back in without entering the password. I sent you another log. Thanks.

  • What is the frequency at which it logs you out?

    After you do something in the browser? after a browser restart?

    Do you have any other extensions installed? which ones.

  • I would say a few hours. I log in, do normal browsing but not restarting, then after a while, I am logged off. I have not actually witnessed Checker Plus log off. I am logged off after a few hours of browsing and being idle. When I come back to my computer, I see that I am logged off. One scenario is that I start browsing in the morning (log in if I was logged out), normal browsing and staying logged in. I go for lunch (so the computer becomes idle). I leave the browser open. I come back and see that I am logged out. Hope this helps. I am using Brave (v 1.50) on Windows and Mac. I think you mentioned that you only support Chrome, but I am hoping to find a solution. Also, you said to disable other extensions to troubleshoot (in earlier messages). I have your calendar and gmail extensions enabled. I have others installed but disabled. Should I send you the list of disabled ones? Thanks.

  • I would be curious if this is Brave only issue on your machine, would you be able to test in Chrome? This could help our investigation.

  • I don't have Chrome on my machine, but I can give it a try.

  • Thanks for that, this is relevant to the push notifications which stopped working.

    But it doesn't explain why the login actually initially works then deaunteticates later.

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