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Hide Reminder Header

Hi Jason - since the new version was released I have been trying to hide the reminder header so that it looks like this -

I'm sure I have the correct selection ticked -

but I still get this -

I've uninstalled and reinstalled - all the same.

Any suggestions?


  • edited December 2022

    Your "popup reminder window" seems to be a tab. Has this always been the case with you? It should look more like an indepandant window as seen in your 1st screenshot. I'm wondering if this a Chromium thing.

  • No - it's a new (small) window with just the one tab open. It has always looked like this - for several years.

  • The small window is centered on whatever tab I have open on the main window. Does this make sense?

  • Geez that's awful implementation from Chromium, I strongly recommend using the Chrome version - it's much nicer and simpler.

  • I tried it in Chrome and it is working there. Not working in Vivaldi. I actually like Vivaldi. It offers a lot more customizations than the basic Chrome. https://vivaldi.com/features/

  • I never really understood how this

    Hide Reminder Header

    works, actually.

  • @GHF It's to hide this top part all the time:

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