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Bug: when browser regains focus, checker window disappears

I noticed this when popping up the checker window, doing something in a side-by-side (editing another calendar-related thing in a separate window), and then trying to click the "next week" button on checker. The button lights up when I hover over it, but then when I click it the checker window vanishes. I can also make it vanish by just alt-tabbing back and forth, so it's really about browser focus I think.

This might be a built in issue with my browser (chrome / brave) hiding your stuff, but maybe if you detect a click on your app window you can re-focus / re-show the thing? Might be a hard one to fix with a jank workaround. :(


  • Could you take a screenshots or video to demonstrate this one, but as you said no promise I can resolve this one.

  • Would but time is an issue and there's a lot of sensitive info. Try this?

    1. open two browser windows side-by-side
    2. click your icon in the left window to show the calendar
    3. do something with the right window
    4. click the "next week" (>) button or something like that in the left window

    Instead of going to the next week, the calendar closes. Simpler test:

    1. click your icon to show the calendar
    2. hit alt-tab twice to switch programs

    Your calendar will disappear when the browser regains focus. This in Brave (chromium) browser but should also happen in chrome.

  • ok I just tested it on Chrome and it's working properly, it seems it's a Brave/OS specific.

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