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"Event added" pop-up with "go to" link?

Hello again,

I love how you can just paste a bunch of garbage into this thing and add an event. When the "event added" notification pops up at the bottom, it would be awesome if clicking it (or a "go to event") link took us there in the calendar, so we can look at it / verify it's where we told it to be / make sure it's not conflicting with other events / feel warm and fuzzy inside.




  • Do you mean this notification and something like this...

  • Yes, or the date itself could be a link that moves the calendar there.

    Note the word "open" suggests you're going to edit the event (repeat, alerts, details, location, etc), so I'd suggest "go to".

  • ok great suggestion, i'll queue this for development.

  • Awesome. How are you so fast.

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