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Feature request: Dark mode button icons

I think it would be cool if the button icons had dark mode versions, with some way for it to automatically change if your browser changes to dark mode.

Similarly, being able to upload dark mode versions for a custom button icon


  • You can choose from among many or you can even upload your own custom dark mode ones.

    Let me know what you create and I could add them to existing selections.

  • I know! The idea is to add the ability to upload light mode and dark mode icons at the same time. so, if someone has their computer settings to change their browser between light and dark mode depending on the time of day, the button icons can change to match automatically

  • Interesting, I wasn't aware of this use case that people would swap their dark/light theme depending on time of day. I was aware of night light settings/blue light I believe.

  • Yeah! it's a feature on MacOS, I'm not sure about windows. Its for the computers theme settings but it extends to most browser themes. I'm not sure how recent of a feature it is

  • Can you send me 2 screenshots of your browser toolbar with a custom button for a dark theme another for the light one. I can use it to brainstorm an idea how to implement this afterwards.

  • Ok thanks I received the images, thank you, I will queue this for investigation, can I ask where you got the images? and if I have permission to use them?

  • I made them based on the newer-ish Gmail logo! You definitely have permission, so long as I get credit!

  • Would credit on this thread be alright or you looking for something more?

  • i think small credit on the changelog and a tiny thing on the button settings page would be reasonable

  • I can definitely add it to the changelog, but I don't really place any credits directly in the extension, except for the skins and themes.

    Would something along "thank you Tess for the suggestion" work?

  • just the changelog is fine, then!

    and you can put my full name if you want, Tess Wacker

  • Ok i'll queue this for development, it won't make the December update, but most likely the next.

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