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Problems with "Show contact photos"

I initially had the very common "Something went wrong" error Google gives during authentication, so, following suggestions I found here, I disabled all other extensions. But when I (successfully?) authenticate for "Show contact photos", I get a message saying "Contacts loaded!" and this message (below) - but contact photos aren't actually shown, and I still see the option in the overflow menu. When I try again, I just get into a loop.


  • FYI the menu will always state "Show contact photos" even if it's already been done.

    Are you sure these people from those emails are in your contacts and have actual photos?

    Lastly you can try reinstalling the extension.

  • Oh, that is the problem: I wasn't expecting to still see that once it was enabled - it works fine (I saw your contact photo in my inbox)!

    You may want to consider removing that from the menu once the option to "show" is no longer an option.

    Thanks for this!!

  • Yes good point, thanks!

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