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Calendar view gone?

I used to be able to see a full calendar month, but now I can only see week by week (actually, more like day by day) in a list. How can I get the full calendar view back? Nothing I've tried seems to work.


  • Just use the vertical menu at the top right to change to the month view.

  • Thanks, Jason. I have already done that. What is bizarre is that when I am on most sites/web pages, it doesn't show the month view, but occasionally it will (such as when I am at jasonsavard.com). I'd like to see the full month consistently. I don't know what else to do.

  • Here are screen shots that show the difference even though I didn't change any settings. I'd like to have the full calendar show regardless of which web page I'm on. What do you suggest?

  • Just to clarify, is the calendar view changing (week/month) depending on which website you are on when you click the extension icon?

  • Yes, that's correct. It's really bizarre.

  • Hmm I don't any such logic in the extension, can you try reinstalling the extension, and making sure you also only have 1 copy of my extension installed.

    Are you possibly using multiple chrome profiles?

  • oh wait it's possibly related to the size of screen, if it's too narrow it might force the agenda view.

  • I only have one Chrome profile. The screen is the same for all the web pages. I'm just going from one tab to another.

  • Have you applied any skin or themes to the extension?

    Are you using any zoom settings at the OS or Chrome level?

  • I only have 1 copy of the extension installed. If I reinstalled the app, wouldn't I lose all my settings and entries?

  • I don't believe I have any skin or themes applied. I do have Chrome zoomed to 125%. Could that cause this to happen?

  • Can you try resetting that to 100%

  • Yep. Zooming appears to be the culprit. Thanks, Jason! Is there anything you can do so that those of us who have to zoom (due to visual needs) can still get the full calendar view?

  • I'll queue it for investigation, although the logic was implemented out of convenience because the calendar view I assume would be too squeazed - so I would offer the more narrow agenda view.

  • Thank you! I don't feel the calendar view is too squeezed when I have a page zoomed (at least it wasn't prior to the last update). If some people who zoom think it is too squeezed, they can switch their view, but I feel it should be the user's choice rather than one that is imposed. If this concern is queued for investigation, what does that mean exactly? Would you be able to change it or would I have to wait for the next update?

  • I just reviewed the code and decided to remove the logic, so the next update for Dec will have give you back the choice :) Thanks for the feedback and screenshots to help resolve this issue.

  • Thank you SO much, Jason. I've been using your apps for a long time and couldn't function without them. I'm so grateful for all that you do. Please know how much you are valued and appreciated.

  • One more quick question ... I'm trying to send in a contribution, but the page doesn't seem to be working. Could you please take a look at it and let me know if I'm not doing something right or if there's a bug?

  • Do you have any ad blockers installed, try disabling them.

    Can you send me a screenshot of the contribution issue?

  • You nailed it, Jason -- it was caused by my ad blocker. It's working now. Thank you, again!

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