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Email tries to open in the wrong Gmail account

Hi, I've been using the Gmail Chrome extension for years, but have a new bug that started yesterday with seemingly no changes on my end.

When I try to open an email from my 2nd Google account in the extension's toolbar window, using the "Open in Gmail" icon (to the right of "Mark Unread"), it tries to open it in a Gmail tab for my 1st Google account, which results in a Gmail error. Both accounts are linked using the "Add Accounts and stay signed in" method. Any idea what's happening?


  • JonJon
    edited November 2022

    Hi Jason, the order of inboxes (u/0 and u/1) does match the same order in the extension. When I click the "Open in Gmail" icon in the popup window, emails from both inboxes open on my u/0 account.

  • edited November 2022

    Is your browser signed into /u/1 what happens when you click https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/

  • Yes, I'm logged in there. I've had to navigate to the inbox manually when I get new emails since the bug started.

  • Just to clarify can you confirm which Open in Gmail button you are using exactly with a screenshot?

  • Sure, this is the button I'm referring to.

  • Hmm so I'm unable to replicate the issue, can you try removing that 2nd account from Checker Plus and re-adding it.

  • Sure enough, that fixed it - guess I should've started with that! Either way, maybe this will help you track down an issue in the future. :) Thanks for the troubleshooting.

  • And thanks for your excellent extensions. Just sent a donation your way!

  • Thank you very much and let me know if it happens again.

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