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Team Calendar synced notifications

I'm trying to find a solution. I'd like to create an event using a Team Google Calendar, and add custom notification for each event, and for each member of the team to receive those notifications, not just the person who created them.

Right now, I can create an event in the Team Calendar, which my team will see, but when I created notifications/alerts (for example 1, 2 days or 1 week alert) only I receive those notifications. We want everyone to receive those, no matter who created them.

Can Checker Plus for Google Calendar address this?

Thank you!


  • Because this is not natively possible even with Google Calendar, my extension would also not have the ability to force notifications on someone else's calendar. Note that users might have calendar level notifications already, so any event they add to their particular calendar could inherit those notifications for any invited event added to that calendar.

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