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Invite doesn't show Yes/no/maybe

WHen i receive an event suggestion with date and hour I can normally just accept or decline ths in my email. If I open that request in the checker plus, thos options are not available.


  • You should see all these same options below the details of the event you've been invited to, such as in the image below...

  • It works when I make an event, but when persons with an Iphone do it I recieve this.

  • oh sorry, you were referring to my Gmail extension (thought you were speaking about my calendar one)

    hmm this would be a good suggestion to parse the .ics file info, i'll queue it for development, thanks for the feedback.

  • yeah, sorry for the confussion. Love the extension, been using it for years, but now that the misses organises my meetings I kinda miss that feature since she always uses her Iphone or Outlook to send me my invites.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and maybe I'll see the suggestion take form in the extension.

  • Great news the latest v24.0 has the ability to parse the ics attachment and display the event details and offer some action items.

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