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POP support?

edited November 2022 in Checker Plus for Gmail

On the Accounts/Labels tab (which stays signed in) I have two gmail addresses. Both addresses also use POP to poll for incoming mail. Each polls a different POP account. 

Gmail POP polls very slowly but there are Chrome extensions to make it poll faster. But when it polls and gmail finds something, the CPlus icon count doesn't change. So my question - is there a way to tell CPlus to a) poll these other accounts, b) if there is any POP mail, fetch it into gmail, and 3) increment the CPlus icon's count and show the POP mail's info in the CPlus dropdown? 

On your page https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Check_mail_from_other_accounts_or_using_POP you say that auto forwarding from the other account to the gmail account will get it there instantly. This used to work, but gmail now says to use gmailify, but very few ISPs support that. This is why I'm doing it with POP. (IMAP won't work.)



  • So there's not much my extension can do directly for POP/IMAP, but my extension should detect any unread emails that arrive in your Gmail, including those that arrive from POP mail accounts. So if there's an issue there let me know.

  • Thanks Jason.

    Could it be the CPlus polling frequency? Currently I have it at Realtime. How often does Realtime poll? Or does Realtime wait for some signal from gmail (which who knows, maybe isn't coming)?

    Or it might be the poll-faster extension. I'll check there.

  • You can try changing it to the default polling of 30 seconds to test it out.

    Sometimes the readtime needs a jump start by restarting the browser.

    But just curious are you still getting notifications for your regular Gmail inbox emails?

  • Notifications for regular gmail emails work fine. It's been set to Realtime for ages with no problems, except (recently) with the POP emails. I'll try 30 sec to see if that will fix it.

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