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"After grab action copy to clipboard" still opening editor

Hi Jason! I'm new to using this extension so it's very possible that I just misunderstand the settings options (in which case, my apologies!!). I have the "After grab action" set to "Copy to clipboard" but it seems to still be functioning as if it's set to "Open editor" because after I select an area it's still opening up the editor in a new tab (but it still DOES copy the selection to my clipboard -- it just ALSO opens the editor).

I tried reinstalling the extension, and restarting Chrome, and I looked through the changelog and forum, but I didn't see anyone else ask about this. I've attached a picture of my current settings below - I'm wondering if I have the wrong options selected for what I'm looking for or if it's a potential bug.

Thanks in advance!


  • Good question, I'm not sure if this was intended or if it's become a regression bug, but I guess I should close the editor, thanks for notifying me, I'll queue this for fixing.

  • Good news this has been fixed in v11.11

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