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Chrome extension keeps resetting

I have my Google browser open for 8-12 hours every day in one ongoing session. When I turn my laptop on and load Chrome, the extension works perfectly and I can access Gmail through the Chrome button. However, within a few hours the extension will reset itself to new so that I lose all of the options that I have set and my account details are forgotten. This means I have to sign in again (see below) and set all of my preferred options again (notifications, button behavior, etc). The length of time it takes to 'reset' each time seems random from 45 minutes to 5-6 hours but it's happening every day I have Chrome open in one session for long periods.

If I close Chrome while the extension works, all settings will still be there when I open it again. While it's open is the only time it 'forgets' my login and options settings. I've tried turning all other extensions off, making sure Chrome is the latest stable version, deleting the cookies, reinstalling Chrome and adding my account rather than auto-detecting within the extension...but nothing has worked so far and I'm stuck.

Is there anything else I can try please? Thanks for your help!


  • You most likely have some software or extension that is clearing data, such as antimalware or antivirus or privacy cleanup etc.

  • Thanks Jason. I thought of that but I've been using the same software/extensions for years without any issues alongside the Gmail extension.

    I guess I'll have to do some trial and error. Are you aware of any conflicts with these - Hola VPN (always off when the problem happens), AdGuard Adblocker or Sophos Endpoint Agent - or which one might be the most likely culprit?


  • Just disable all of them for a few days to test it out. Note that all software/extensions update frequently so that's how issues/conflicts suddenly arise.

  • Morning! So I turned off all extensions and Sophos this morning and 3 hours into today's Chrome session, the extension has again reset, logged me out and lost all settings. It's the same behaviour as when I have the extensions on, etc so I guess that's not the culprit.

    Do you have any more ideas? I'm guessing this is possibly related to my Chrome in some way? However, Chrome is updated to the latest stable model and auto-updates when new versions are available.


  • Any OS level settings related to clearing data?

    Is the issue only affecting the Gmail extension?

  • No I don't have any OS settings that auto clear data (that I'm aware of anyway). It affects the Gmail extension and when that fails, the Checker Plus for Calendar extension fails with it.

    Is this another clue?

    I'm not sure if Google logged me out first that caused the extension to reset or the extension failing caused Google to 'pause'. The Paused logo wasn't there until I clicked on it and saw this screen below.

  • My guess is your Google sign in Chrome is also affected by the same issue affecting my extensions. You could try creating a new test profile and install the extension there to see if it's related to your profile: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Corrupt_browser_profile

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