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not all emails in "primary" are being received.

I have my options set as below but checker plus does not receive all the emails that appear under my "primary" tab in my gmail interface. It gets some, but there's nothing I can see as to why some don't make it. How do I get checker to receive every email that gmail puts under the "primary" tab? I've tried re-installing the extension. thanks. Note that this email is gmail address which is managed user - but I am the manager so I could set anything how I want to fix the issue. Thanks.


  • I've gone through those suggestions, but I don't want checker plus to monitor and notify my of the other tabs (promos/updates/forums). If I do check those as this suggests then I do get those notifications. Actually I'm not sure I understand the issue that this page is explaining. It says "Emails from hidden tabs like Updates or Forums will still appear in your Primary tab." but they do not. They only appear under their respective tabs in my gmail web interface, not the "primary" tab.

  • Can you try using the Inbox label instead of the Primary one just to see if that works.

  • I have tried that and it shows me all the labels, primary/promos etc

  • edited October 2022

    Can you send me screenshots of the discrepancies so I can analyze it.

  • ok, thanks for your help. I'll let it run for a bit.

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