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"Error" when using Firefox but not Chrome

When using Firefox I will see my mail icon go gray and when I open it all accounts say error. It takes multiple refreshes to get it to work. I do not notice this behavior in Chrome.


  • That's to get logs from Chrome...how about Firefox? That's the browser with issue

  • Go to this url:


    and click inspect beside my gmail extension:

  • it wants to save as a .har file but I cant upload. How best to get the file here?

  • Just a screenshot of any errors and paste them here will be fine.

  • I can email u the har file if u want load it to get more details too

  • Can you disable all other extensions, it seems something is blocking calls to gmail.googleapis.com

  • I disabled all extensions but urs and still have the issue.

  • ok i just pushed a possible fix in v23.3.0.1

    can you force the update with this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

  • i installed the updated....fyi I see this now.....

  • I still get the error. Looking in more detail I see this:


    On the same get that works it:


    "Connection:": {

    "Protocol version:": "TLSv1.3",

    "Cipher suite:": "TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256",

    "Key Exchange Group:": "x25519",

    "Signature Scheme:": "ECDSA-P256-SHA256"


    "Host gmail.googleapis.com:": {

    "HTTP Strict Transport Security:": "Disabled",

    "Public Key Pinning:": "Enabled"


    "Certificate:": {

    "Issued To": {

    "Common Name (CN):": "upload.video.google.com",

    "Organization (O):": "<Not Available>",

    "Organizational Unit (OU):": "<Not Available>"


    "Issued By": {

    "Common Name (CN):": "GTS CA 1C3",

    "Organization (O):": "Google Trust Services LLC",

    "Organizational Unit (OU):": "<Not Available>"


    "Period of Validity": {

    "Begins On:": "Mon, 26 Sep 2022 08:22:28 GMT",

    "Expires On:": "Mon, 19 Dec 2022 08:22:27 GMT"


    "Fingerprints": {

    "SHA-256 Fingerprint:": "E6:50:CB:58:F9:EA:04:68:1B:67:44:3C:E1:C4:7C:FE:41:9E:C6:D7:17:31:54:25:A3:EE:2D:BC:C0:90:96:B2",

    "SHA1 Fingerprint:": "8B:38:6B:5D:26:0C:15:49:E2:94:15:3B:83:A7:0F:43:B2:AF:66:C5"


    "Transparency:": "<Not Available>"



  • Do you have any other antivirus/malware software running on your machine.

  • Of course.....its a work laptop. I dont have these issues in Chrome is the thing. I run the same extensions.

  • edited October 2022

    When you browse directly to this url with the browser what do you see?


  • 404 error....same in Chrome and FF

  • Can you try reinstalling the firefox extension.

  • Just did...got my first error already

  • Can you verify the extension version is the latest v23.3.0.1

    Other than that have you changed any Firefox settings related to privacy?

  • Verified. No....don't mess with it. I had a proxy setup but removed that. Let me see if I can reset my settings

  • Well a reset didn't help any.....still have the issue even after just adding ur 1 extension. No need to look at this further. I'll just stick with Chrome.

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