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Wrong latest email

When I click on the email, wrong latest reply is being shown. I use Darcula theme and manual accounts.


  • Is the issue within the extension popup window or when it opens inside the Gmail website?

  • When I click on the extension and email there

  • Does this happen from multiple senders or specific threads?

    Can you try reverting to auto-detect and see if that changes things.

  • From multiple senders and threads

  • Ok can you let me know if the auto-detect has the same issue.

  • It doesn't have it if i see correctly

  • Just to confirm you're saying the issue only exists with the manual add method?

    How long have you noticed the issue?

  • Also Darcula shows text really dark, I can't see the text

  • Can you send me a screenshot and I'll queue it for fixing.

  • oh interesting, I think the dark text issue is only happening with my forum emails, can you confirm?

  • Sometimes it happens with different senders and different text colors.

  • Ok I just pushed a fix for my forum emails. As for the other senders with the dark issue, it would be best if they changed their email templates also or you can just use the regular "Dark" theme instead as that one is more adaptive because it flips the contrast.

  • Dark looks like broken theme.

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