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Contribute: Stripe Card Payment Link Not Redirecting to Payment Processing Service

  • Checker Plus for Gmail
  • Firefox Version 105.0.3

When "checking out" in the Contribution section linked through the Checker Plus add-on, selecting the Stripe card payment redirects back here to a default blank page.

When going to the Contribute page here, there's seemingly no option to contribute with any payment type at all. The donation amounts at the bottom of the page look as though they would be buttons, but they're not, same with the custom input field.

Please let me give money so I can have have dark mode for Checker ૮(╥ᆺ╥)ა


  • Do you have other extensions enabled, particularly ad blockers ext. try disabling them.

  • I am a fool and my adblocker being on was the issue. It's such a constant presence that sometimes I forget it's even there. Thank you for such a quick response and helping me out, even if it was a "have you tried turning it off then back on" tier issue.

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