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Snooze time questions

  1. There are some resolutions and icon sizes where only the first two lines of snooze times show. The third (premium) line of times cannot be seen and there is no scroll bar available.
  2. Installing the extension on both of my computers, using the same Google account with sync on, does not show the third (premium) line of snooze times on the second computer. Have tried restarting Chrome and the extension. Have given a (IMHO) generous donation.
  3. The first snooze time is "tomorrow" which doesn't mean much. What time tomorrow? They should all be in hours. Are you trying to say 24 hours from now? If so, it should say that.
  4. Is the snooze time enforced across installations? Should I see the reminder popup in 4 hours on computer B if I snoozed on computer A?


  • 1) Can you send me screenshots of any issues

    2) Refer to this to unlock the extra features: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Already_Contributed

    3) The current logic is "tomorrow" will snooze to the beginning of the next day 12:00am or more practically you'll see it when you open up your computer.

    4) The snoozes are not synced, but you can enable this option to move the event upon snoozing - and then it will get synced to all devices.

  • 1) Will do.

    2) Wow, you thought of everything.

    3) I still don't get it. If I snooze a reminder at 23:59pm and choose Tomorrow, it will pop up a minute later?

    Longtime Outlook user here. 1 day means 24 hours from when I hit Snooze. Why not just call it 1 day?

  • 3) yes it would appear in a minute later

    This might be more of a person choice, I have noticed that Gmail's snooze feature will snooze "Tomorrow" to 8am.

    I am inclined to do the same with calendar extension.

  • Then you do not offer a 1d (24 hours from now) option. It goes from 8h to x to 1.5d where x is as described above. I wish I could snooze for 24 hrs from when I hit it.

    Are all the other choices from 5m to 7d referring to the amount of time after I hit the snooze button until it pops up again, or do they refer to the amount of time from when it pops up?

    At least Google says exactly when it means, but I don't like their variety of choices either. It can be overridden but it takes a lot of work. What if you let the user define their own list of choices (with any times they want) for the popup?

    I wonder what other users think about this.

  • Currently all minute and hour snoozes are relative to the time you snoozed it.

    For day snoozes (except for the 1.5d) they will occur at 12:00am of that day.

    But to reiterate I am inclined to mimic Gmail's snooze functionality and have the day snoozes go to 8am as the default. I'll queue this for development.

  • I can see an undesirable scenario for 8am snoozes.

    Just curious at what time do you get your all-day notifications?

    For instance I see mine as soon as I wake up and if I were to snooze yesterday's all-day events to today at 8am then I would potentially see a 2nd batch of all-day events appear at a different time. I prefer to see all my events in the morning at the same time and then go through them.

  • An all-day event is considered to start at 0:00 and the reminder time is whatever you choose when you create it. Is that what you mean?

  • edited October 2022

    So yes that is the current scenario, but I'm just indicating what would happen if I changed to the snooze logic to 8am, there would reminders going off at 0:00 and 8:00am for all-day events, but for the actual events of that day and snoozed ones.

  • Personally if I were coding it I would never hard code any times for anything. The first reminder of an all-day event should pop up at 0:00 minus the time they set. If unsnoozed, those will still be on the screen when they wake up in the morning, so there should not be any duplicates.

    If you want to offer a single time of day catch-all reminder when the all-day events pop up, that should be a checkbox option with a user-specified time of day. If there is already a reminder on the screen for that event, it should be replaced with the catch-all reminders. Maybe you don't have the ability to delete or overwrite an existing popup? In that case I don't see duplicates as a big deal because it was their choice to have a catch-all.

  • P.S. For an all-day event they could also set no reminders when they create it, and rely on the catch-all reminder only. For me, I would set a first reminder for 3 days before, then snooze for 24 hours more (if you offered it), then snooze for 24 hrs more, etc. Right now I can only snooze for 8 hours more, so I have to do it many more times than I would like.

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