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19th, 14:00, zahnarzt, faunenstr. i click on red plus then type that. why doesnt it understand that?


  • I am using Google Calendar's quick add api, which might not be perfect, have you tried shortening that command to see what works and what doesn't.

  • 19th, 14:00.

    doesnt work.

  • Does just "14:00 my test event" work?

    or "19th my test event"

  • You're right it looks like it needs it needs the month, I tried "oct 19th 11am test event" and that worked for me.

  • god damn month/day mindset...

  • thank you

  • nothing works

  • @perunas86 Can you give more details on the issue or screenshots?

  • I tried every combination of date, time, day and it always adds event for today/tomorrow

  • edited November 11

    @perunas86 Can you send me the text?

    Have you tried with english text?

    Note that the quick add api is handled by Google Calendar.

  • Of course I've tried with english. 7pm, 21:00-23:00 etc. for the earliest time works fine. Everything mentioned above and in your FAQ not working for different day events.

  • @perunas86 I tried "7pm monday test" and "21:00-23:00 test on monday" and that also worked.

  • For me it's not working, it adds event for today at 7pm, not monday.

  • @perunas86 it might be because your google calendar language settings are set to Polish. Can you try polish week names or switching your google calendar to english.

  • Everything related with date don't work with Polish version (English or Polish names, 17/11).

    Now it's working with English version.

    Thank you for help. :)

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