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Calendar view to support shortcuts like Google does (as optional feature)

Would be great to have an option to enable Calendar View shortcuts that Google already uses in the calendar which many users are likely used to using and may be happy to disable/swap them that with the type ahead calendar entry function that is operating by default (or make that available with another shortcut when this feature is enabled).

Day D / 1

Week W / 2

Month M / 3

4 Weeks 4

Schedule A / 5

This could be a product feature as often power users switch between lists/day/week views, using shortcuts eliminates additional mouse navigations and clicks.


  • I'll take note of this power user feature, and I'm guessing you already explored the current suite of keyboard shortcuts available by hitting the "?" key while in the popup.

  • Great Thanks Jason, I actually haven't, nice to know.

    It just gets harder to learn more and more shortcuts, if they were same as GCal would be much easier, as one may likely to still uses GCal in parallel, many thanks.

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