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Notifications - Option to enable a Join Video call button/link to launch zoom meetings directly

Currently zoom meeting links can't be opened directly from the notification window, one has to still open the calendar entry either from the calendar in Checker Plus or Google.

The notification is one of the most powerful feature of this extension for GCal and this addition would make it so much more productive, not missing any meeting events via notification and also able to quickly join meetings.

Please, you already have the logic to detect zoom meetings and making it optional still maintains a minimalistic notification window for those who prefer that. =)


  • I have added logic to detect and zoom links and offer the "Join video call" button such as this to directly link to the meeting. But it's possible some event invites with a zoom links have are registered differently, can you give me more details on this event - perhaps even inviting me to a zoom video - you can use find my email in the Contact section of this site.

  • Thanks indeed, sorry I only noticed now that my own invites work just fine and others too. I'll keep an eye on it when I see another invite that doesn't show.

    One difference I could verify is that the zoom chrome extension by clicking the button "Make Zoom Meeting" creates the invite differently, where it shows a "Join video call" link instead of the typical "Join with Zoom Meeting". No big deal/issue, but if you wanted to make that consistent in case thats easily fixable.

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