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Themes - dark mode for notifications and settings?

I love the app, probably one of the best option for getting notifications for Google Calendar!

I've donated mainly to use a dark theme but unfortunately the notifications are still white, same as for the settings page.

Any chance you could integrate this to utilise the theme for that as well, especially the notification window since it's one of the main functions used of this extension?

FYI - I'm using the Chrome Extension Dark Reader which rocks, perhaps you could also consider supporting it for dark mode given it's well developed and might make it easier to implement, even if only as an advanced feature among other paid features. The dev is open to help, see my post here on Github https://github.com/darkreader/darkreader/issues/9885


  • It's a great suggestion, I'll push this higher in my queue for propagating the theme to the reminder window.

  • Thanks Jason, you rock, that will make it a lot easier on the eyes when the rest is all in darkmode already. =)

  • edited November 2022

    Will this be a general setting or option part of theme settings (or both with a default fallback when theme doesn't provide it) ?

    Will this be automatically available or will I have to update the extension somehow? @Jason

  • The current Skin and Themes in the next automatic update will also apply to the reminders window.

  • Great news the Skins & Themes also apply to the reminder window in the latest v30.0

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