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Minute counter not updated

Minute to even stuck. Does not update. Help?



  • Try restarting the browser.

  • This is either a regression with the latest update of the plugin, or the browser.

    I've NEVER (and I'm using this plugin for, I believe, more than 2 years), had it "stuck", or needed to restart the browser (granted, I rarely go without restarts for more than two weeks).

    Starting this week, after a few hours, the plugin seems to, well, do exactly that - get stuck. No pop-ups, the time-to-next-event is not updating.

    I can use the "Refresh" button available in the plugin's drop-down to refresh the time-to-next-event, it does get refreshed, the plugin remains stuck otherwise.

    I guess the background thread(s) are stopped/failed, and nothing restarts them.

    Yes, restarting the browser "fixes" it. But this creeps up on you without any notice, and considering that, at least for me, the main value of the plugin is that it "bothers" me about an upcoming event, I would not notice that it's stuck. Plus, having to restart the browser every few hours is significant nuisance.

    Note that restarting the browser makes the plugin show all the notifications that didn't pop up after it entered the "stuck" state.

    I've turned on "collect errors", and I hope I will be able to get at least some output that can pinpoint the problem, but it's become a serious hindrance.

  • @PawelVeselov This is Chrome issue affecting several extensions and a portion of my users, you can star the issue here: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1316588#c87

    It seems you are able to reproduce it, which is what the Chrome developers need to fix it.

    How often does it freeze?

    When does the freeze happen, after returning from standby etc.

    How many Chrome profiles do yo have?

    Have you done many customizations to the extension?

    Do you have other extensions?

  • I'm not sure the issue #1316588 is related, as it explicitly talks about extensions not activating on clicks, and it seems that this problem is related limited to the background activity.

    I don't really know how often it freezes, it's patchy. I don't have a clear way of reproducing it, but it definitely happened at least twice yesterday.

    Since it's hard to notice when it freezes, I haven't been able to correlate the freezes with any triggering event. I rarely put my laptop to sleep, and I tried to now, it didn't trigger the problem (I only had the laptop sleep for a few seconds though)

    I have just one Chrome profile, haven't customized this extension (I think. Do options count?), but I have a lot of other extensions.

    Anyway, I'm trying to monitor this now. AFAIU, having these in the console is the indicator of healthy background activity:

    background.js:2569 vars: 2.9580078125 ms

    checkerPlusForCalendar.js:2974 allDayVStimeSpecific: 5.35302734375 ms

    checkerPlusForCalendar.js:3805 sortevents: 6.18408203125 ms

    I only hope that having the console open won't affect the reproducibility.

  • @PawelVeselov so I would not keep the console open as it may affect the keep alive state. My tests for you would be to disable all the other extensions for a few days to see if they are conflicting. Thanks for helping me with this issue.

  • @PawelVeselov Any update on this? did you try disabling all other extensions?

  • I updated to Chrome 105.0.5195.125 on 9/18, and since then, the problem hasn't occurred once. Will keep an eye on this, but it's pretty obvious when it fails.

    Didn't have to disable any other plugins either.

  • I'm on Chrome 105.0.5195.127 and still affected by the issue. Have been for a while now (several weeks) and am looking for alternative methods of notification to be honest, since I can no longer rely on the extension.

  • @Timo Do you have other extensions installed? have you tried disabling them.

  • Interesting, I disabled a few extensions I don't need on a regular basis and after a few mins the Google Calendar Extension indeed recovered. Will monitor for the upcoming days.

    To drop some names, I disabled the following (maybe others can relate):

    Google Docs Offline, KeePassHelper Password Manager, Mailvelope, Modify Header Value (HTTP Headers), SAML-tracer and uBlock Origin.

  • @Timo Very good info, it's most likely just 1 of them possibly interfering, you're welcome to do your own tests until you figure out the culprit.

  • Unfortunately disabling the other extensions didn't have a lasting effect. The Checker Plus didn't refresh the whole day, the issue is still present.

  • @Timo Ok thanks for the followup, so even with them disabled the issue persisted?

    Are using the extension with an email from @ gmail.com or @ company.com etc.

  • @Jason Correct, the issue persists. When I do a manual refresh it updates but only once, so no continuous updates happen.

    I'm using it with an @company.com mail address.

  • @Timo ok thanks, so I know issue is resolved by disabling and renabling the extension, how frequently does the issue occur?

  • @Jason Since a few weeks it has been happening every day and it feels like it's getting worse. Some time ago the issue remediated itself over time. Now it's continuously stuck if I don't intervene.

  • @Timo Ok i'm trying to help the Chrome team determine what might cause the issue and replicating it on demand is key. This is current ticket with a common issue


  • This is an issue for me as well and I'm not nearly technical enough to do anything that was suggested above. I'll just reiterate the point that the primary purpose of this extension is to give me a popup of an upcoming meeting and that's not working anymore. It resets when I hit the refresh button (although not when I hit it when right clicking the extension icon, only when I open the extension page in a web browser) and properly shows me the minutes to my next meeting, but then it doesn't actually give me the 10-minute warning to that meeting, or the pop up when the meeting starts. So I would say the refresh doesn't work long. Hope that helps get this solved!

  • @laura.landy Ok thanks for the details, so when it's in a broken state, the extension icon still responds and opens the mini calendar window, correct?

  • Correct. And if I hit the refresh button from there, it refreshes the minute counter, but then it immediately stops working (like my minute counter has been at 43 for ... the last 43 minutes. And my next meeting is in 3 mins).

  • @laura.landy and @Timo ok good details, I know this part is technical, but if you or others can give me details here it would help while it's in a broken state, I would like to investigate the background logs with these instructions: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

  • Happy to try to help but those instructions break down for me at step 1. There is no "More Tools" under the Chrome drop down menu. If I navigate directly to "Extensions" as found under the "Windows" drop down, the instructions then break down at step 3. There is no "service worker/background link" from what I can see. But again, highly non-technical here.

  • @laura.landy Did you select the "Developer mode" at the top right.

  • I didn't realize you meant to click on the link that says "Background page". I was looking for the exact words "service worker/background link". So I now clicked on "Background page" and it opens a window and I click on the Console drop down but nothing happens. How do I send you the logs exactly?

  • edited September 26

    @laura.landy Is that Console tab window empty or are there any text/logs

  • Lots of text

  • But there's no "send log" button or anything like that

  • @laura.landy ok your doing good, in the same console window can you execute this line:

    chrome.alarms.getAll(alarms => {console.table(alarms)})

    and then send me a screenshot of the results.

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