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The countdown to event isn't working when "Show current day of week on button icon" is checked

When Show current day of week on button icon is checked, the icon doesn't show a count down.

What that icon shows

Unchecking that option makes the countdown work

I would expect that checking one of the exception should have made this count down appear.


  • I'll have to double check the code, but I believe the statement "hours away" means within 2 hours I think.

  • edited September 2022

    Can you please make it so we can specify the reminder time? Ie change from 2 hours to a custom hour.

  • What's a reasonable number of hours you would propose?

  • Personally I would say 8 hours. But others might think differently. That's why I suggested allowing people to adjust it.

  • Good news I've updated this in v29.5

  • What change did you make?

  • If you've selected show hours then you'll see up to 7h on the badge

  • Ah. I don't suppose this could be a variable component to allow people to choose.

  • edited October 2022

    If this issue gets more attention i'll consider it, but i'd rather not provide too many options that might not be useful for the majority.

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