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Error: Can not read property 'darkMode' of undefined

Hey Jason

I'm on a Acer Chromebook. I've been getting this error for a while. It appears when I click on the icon in the icon tray to use the extension. The menu starts to populate for use and this err shows up at bottom of menu.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'darkMode' of undefined at ChromeStorage.get (chrome-extension://mdddabjhelpilpnpgondfmehhcplpiin/js/common.js:813:18) at async initUI (chrome-extension://mdddabjhelpilpnpgondfmehhcplpiin/js/common.js:1184:9) at async chrome-extension://mdddabjhelpilpnpgondfme

I just tried clearing all cookies and still getting it. I uninstalled extension and reinstalled and still getting it. The chromebook is an older chrome book and they've said it will get no more hardware updates. Nothing else seems to be malfunctioning due to age.

Your extension is currently unusable with this error. Hopefully you have some suggestions.


  • You guessed the issue right, you'll to update your Chrome OS to the latest version, because my extensions use the latest features and also for security reasons.

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