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WAB for Thunderbird


I use WAB with Chrome and Firefox. I would like to know if you can make it works with Thunderbird? I have multiple accounts (3x yahoo, 2x Outlook.com, 3x Gmail) and I use them in different ways with Thunderbird, Firefox and Chrome (portable or not). One of them is accessing Gmail web page directly from Thunderbird. I will be very happy to not see ads with Thunderbird. Thanks!



  • edited August 2014
    My expertise is now overwhelmingly in web browsers, in particular Chrome. Thunderbird is a software I can't support, sorry.
    My suggestion is to use an alternative method of centralizing mail from different accounts which can also let you send mail from different account similar to delegation.
    This way you can manage all your email accounts from one Gmail account and have my extension notify you for each new each regardless which account it goes to.
  • Hi Jason, 

    Thank you for the reply. I already use centralization to some email addresses. I can not put them all in one account because of email categories (personal, work, charity). I'll think about it and find what suits me best. Thank you, excellent extension! 

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