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Security suggestion

I fell to a rather simple scam email today - since the attacker used my wife's name, so it looked like a legit message asking me to check out some photos (we recently returned from a trip) and I clicked on the link without thinking twice about it. Fortunately for me the link appeared to already be dead.

Ideally, we should have the option to have the UI display the actual sender email address next to the name to help us identify phishing attacks.


  • I generally try to mimic Gmail's UI, do they use a method to deal with this that I can apply?

  • My observation is that if the sender's address is in my contacts list, it will only display the name, however if the address is not in my contact's list, it always displays the sender as: "Name <email@domain.com>"

  • Ok great details, I'll queue this for development thanks for the suggestion.

  • Can you send me a screenshot of where you'd like to see the email displayed within my extension?

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