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Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to search for emails within the box. Whenever I search, it opens my Gmail on a new tab, which is fine, but it'd be cool to not have to leave the current page. Also, a 'search by' feature would be great if possible. Ie; you highlight a word on a web page and right click so as to search your inbox for that word/sentence. Just like the 'search by image' extension only it searches your inbox. Everything else about the app is pretty much ideal. Would be much appreciated. Thanks.


  • I can take note of this, however, I tend to redirect to the Gmail page because it has as a much more powerful search bar there which could be further refined, ie. by sender, subject etc.

  • Smart talking, Jason.

  • I hear you, but isn't the the function of the plugin to replicate as many of Gmail's features as possible, making it more accessible? I.e to effectively render the need to visit Gmail's website obsolete? If we apply that idea of redirecting to every function of the plugin then what would be the point of using the plugin at all? Redirecting anything is antithetical to the idea of any plugin. Just a basic search function would suffice. Just being able so search a word/sender's name is enough. It doesn't need to be advanced. Thanks for all that you already do. It's appreciated.

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