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Next meeting gets stuck at 4m

This issue started about a month or so ago.

The browser icon shows 4m till next meeting always.

Reinstalled extension, reloaded browser, rebooted pc, Chrome Version 103.0.5060.134 (Official Build) (64-bit)


  • Can you try double clicking the refresh button and then restarting the browser.

    Did you enable any run in background options - if so disable that.

  • Ok tried double-clicking refresh and was not running background processes. Will let you know if it gets stuck again. Thanks!!

  • All restarted browser

  • Hey there - just letting you know that issue is still happening. I will try to see if there is another extension causing issues. But still sticks on 4m. If I click the refresh button, it fixes it temporarily but then sticks again at 4m.

  • So you have an event that x minutes away, then at 4m it gets stuck?

    Is it always at 4m that gets stuck?

    can you repeat the issue systematically?

    what is the frequency of the issue?

  • Yes, it seems to stop at 4mins away and get stuck.

    I just tried reproducing with a screen video and of course, it did not happen.

    I see the issue every day though. I will try and come up with repro steps.

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