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Possible confusing icons.-

It seems to me, IMHO, that the "Mark all as read" icon may be confused with the "Compose" one.

Seeing both of them side by side can hint that the "Mark all as read" is not for composing, but the first time I saw it, I thought it was for writing a new email. If it were not for the warning, I would erroneously mark all as read.


  • I'll take note of it, however I intentionally used the same icons as the official Gmail ones to avoid any confusion.

  • Right! I get it. So, there is a standard.

    Checking Gmail, I now noticed the "official".

    Since I seldom use the "Mark as read" feature (I don't like to mark as read something that I have not read :D :D), I would then just kindly suggest removing it from the toolbar, away from accidental activations and saving real estate as it is already repeated inside the tree-dots menu at the right.

    Maybe some people like to use it more. I looked at Outlook.com and they too have the Mark as Read :D

    I do use however the "Mark as unread", if I peeked at a particular mail, but want to read it thoughtfully later.

    Thank you.-

  • Good news is you can hide specific buttons such as that one in the extension options:

  • Great! You are two steps ahead :D

    Thank you.-

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