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Run in background when closed doesn't work in Opera

Hi, I just moved from Chrome to Opera GX, and I'm glad this extension also works there for the most part. Unfortunately, when I tried to activate the Run in Background When Closed in Opera GX, it could not be turned on while also displaying a "Might not be supported by this OS" message. This feature has helped me a lot during my time with Chrome, and I hope it can be used again in Opera GX. Is there any way to help with this?

Thank you in advance.


  • Unfortunately you'll have to deal with Opera's support and open a ticket/request to get them to support it.

  • That is sad to hear, but thank you anyway for the answer, and thank you again for the great extension.

    I tried it on Vivaldi and it seems to be working there, so worst case scenario is that I'll probably migrate there.

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