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Markdown support for event description

First of all, great extension all around! Thanks for that.

I am starting to use it for time blocking and it's great! However, one thing that's missing is tasks with specific times to make a to-do list for each time block. I know Google doesn't allow for that so there's nothing you can do.

BUT if we could use the description field of the event with Markdown, we could use - [] syntax for to-do lists and have better formatting. Giving new life to a field that's rarely used for one-person events.

I'd be more than happy to implement this feature but I don't think the project is open source.

Other option would be to give us an option to inject custom JS, like you did with CSS and we'll have a sort of plugin support.

(I know JS can create security vulnerabilities unlike CSS but maybe just put it behind a "developer options" flag)


  • I'm optimistic that Google will probably add times to the Tasks API so this should resolve that matter. I'll take note of your JS suggestion and leave it here for others to comment on, but as you stated that would lead to a lot of undesirable side effects and maintenance or phantom bugs caused by user's own JS.

  • Thanks for considering the option. Do you mind if I implement .md feature locally by editing the extension source code for personal use? I will not distribute.

  • For personal that's fine, thanks for asking.

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