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date format US/EU

Hi! I'm a european user and love this product! But when I use the quick method to enter an event, it assumes the american format of date instead of the european one. (Month/day instead of day/month)

This above is taken as february 8th instead of august 2nd.

Now I looked in the settings and found that it was linked to my google calender settings, but I already have that in the european format:

Am I looking in the wrong place, or is this a bug?




  • Try changing the language to English (UK)

  • changed both google calender and checker plus to English (UK). restarted browser.

    still get February instead of august for 02/08

  • Can you try double clicking the refresh button in the extension window to force a setting sync and try again, but note I don't have much more control on the quick add api which is provided by google.

  • edited July 18

    refresh in the extension didn't work.

    but good to know the problem is on google's side!

    works fine if I just write "football 2 aug 15:00 " ;)

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