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Checker Plus For Gmail and Calendar keeps requesting for permissions

edited July 16 in Checker Plus for Gmail

I am using an alternative version of Chrome OS called Cloudready, and lately they have updated it and changed its name to Chrome OS Flex, and ever since they officially updated to Chrome OS Flex, your add-ons Checker Plus for Gmail and Calendar have been constantly requesting for permissions to read and change, every time I am surfing and opening a new website/tab. This processes also keep slowing down and freezes my computer every time it happens.

I don't have these problems with any other add-ons, it's just your add-ons that keep asking for these permissions for some reason, and it keeps happening all the time, it never stops, although I always give them permission, it keeps asking me anyway. It really is starting to annoy me, and this has resulted in me being forced to disable your add-ons for now, as I don't know how to resolve it. I have tried to re-install the add-ons, but the problem keeps coming back all the time.

I don't know if this is Chrome OS Flex related or if it's related to your add-ons somehow, is there something you can do about this or do you have any tips or any other recommendations or troubleshooting I can do? I have already reported the problem to Google.


  • It's most likely a browser issue, you'll have to google around the support channels to understand it, if you find something let me know and i'll star it - to encourage them to fix it.

  • I have been checking under settings, and there are a list with the extensions and for editing the permissions for individual add-ons, and I can choose between "When I click the extension", "Always" and "Always on all sites".

    But for some reason, for your addons only the "When I click the extension" option is available, the other options are greyed out. I can change these settings for other add-ons, but not yours for some reason.

  • If you can replicate the issue on Chrome stable I'll look into it but I'll have to attribute the issue to your specific browser version.

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