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Clicking on an account brings up a different account

I have about 5 or 6 gmail accounts. Once I get them all added sometimes I click on gmail account 3, and it actually goes to gmail account 1. I figure this is because it signed me out (I didn't sign out), but why is it signing me out and how to I fix this? The only way I have found to fix it is to go "uncheck it" from the accounts and readd it which sometimes causes a duplicate account listed on the notification area and it always places the last account entered at the bottom and I like my accounts in a certain order. SO, when this happens and it's been weekly, lately, I have to remove all of my accounts and readd them. It's pretty labor intensive. Thanks for any help!


  • There are couple of things to try:

    You can try this:


    or make sure you are using the manual add and try sorting them afterwards with this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Change_account_order

  • These don't work here's the error code. I appreciate the time and effort that has been put into this extension, but it just doesn't work anymore. There are features that have never worked and now that it takes me to the wrong account and I have to delete and readd all my accounts once a week is too much work. Thanks Jason for your time. Here's the screen shot so maybe you can figure out the error issue for others. Thanks again!

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    Hmm network problem is revealing something altogether interefing, try disabling other ad blocking or privacy extensions or proxy software?

  • I'm also having this issue currently with V23.1.1.

    I signed out of all of my accounts from the extension, and logged back in and it's still going to the wrong Gmail when I click on the title of that email (not an email itself). I use the sign into accounts and stay signed in, I changed it to auto-detect and still had the issue. I sign in via Google (not chrome).

    I have turned the extension off/on again. I have also uninstalled the extension, and installed it back again. When adding back I did get a message of "Could not determine the sign in order, so assuming 3". I had the console open when I did this and there were no errors showing. Anything past the max unauthorized accounts it keeps showing up (with the updated number).

    I don't have any ad-blocking extensions enabled in my browser.

    So the next thing I did, was remove all emails from the extension again, signed out of all of my gmail accounts (via gmail). Then signed back into the accounts in gmail. I usually have 5 signed in regularly. I then added them back to the extension. It seems to be working correctly again. So perhaps there was some random cookie/local/session storage making things weird. During the process I did not delete my cache or anything like that.

    So long story short, while writing this email and testing, things seem to be working correctly again. Hope this helps debug and/or will help others.

  • I've been having a similar problem for about a month now. I have 4 gmail accounts signed in. If I click on the email, it will sometimes take me to the right one. Sometimes it goes to a different one, not the one I clicked. Resyncing sometimes works but not always.

  • @Learning_Always

    Which detection method are you using? Have you tried switching to another https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

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