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Stopped showing missed notifications twice

First of all, thanks a lot for this extension, it's amazing!

I noticed a change in the extension's behavior recently - before, it'd show the missed notification again when I get back to the PC.

Let's say an email comes at 6:30 when I'm AFK. I get back to the PC at 6:40, and I get another notification about that email when I move my mouse.

I've noticed it's not happening anymore, for a few days I guess.

Would love if you could put it back in - maybe make it a setting? This functionality was really neat.

Thanks again!


  • Can you ensure this option is on ...

  • Yes, the option is on, but missed notifications are not being shown for the second time (just checked twice).

  • Ok I think I found the issue and it will be fixed in v23.1.2, note that I just pushed out a version so it will go after that. Thanks for the details.

  • Okay, standing by, thanks for fixing it!

  • The extension was updated recently, but the notifications for the emails I got while I was away are still not being shown the second time.

    I just checked, the option to display them twice is on.

  • Yes you are correct, there was a regression issue probably with the latest update, it will be fixed yet again in the next update, thanks for signaling it.

  • Thanks for reply! I'll be waiting for the next update then.

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