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feature suggestion: find duplicate or nearly identical email


Thank you for the great work you've done on this extension!

Not sure if it is possible, but a feature to find duplicate or nearly identical email would be great. It would allow to get rid of marketing emails that a companies send as logn as they are (nearly) the same. Of course the headers will be different, except maybe the subject line, this could be optionally compared. But the visible content itself (not the code, or optionally the code too) if compared, up to a specified degree (e.g. 75%, 85%, 95%, etc), would be a great filter to keep only one message per subject per marketer.

The result would be a cleaner inbox and the sense that still one has "all" in the archives ;)

I understand this is probably a difficult feature to implement, but perhaps a start would be to search for same subject per sender, which is far easier to implement, but still more efficient than doing it by hand. Ideally one could click on a FROM email address and get all emails from that sender (not sure why google has never implemented that, I even told them), same with TO, since one might have a catch all.

Thank you for considering this idea!



  • It's a good suggestion, but not in the scope of my extension, you might want to look at anti-spam software or other resources or even Gmail forums for such topics.

  • Thx for letting me know.

    How about the FROM / TO buttons, so that one could quickly get email for both, as it saves the manual filter input?

  • I'm take note of it and see if there's demand, but generally I leave the full blown management of the inbox to Gmail as the extension is meant to quickly manage new emails.

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